Friday, July 30, 2010

Five Alive Friday

It's Friday so you know what that means...five new links to get you closer to the w-to-the-end!
  1. The hidden posters of Notting Hill Gate are the best time capsule I've ever seen.
  2. What's new pussycat? Check out Paul & Joe's new lipstick range that have putty tats etched into them. Do you think they're the cat's meow, or are you not so convinced?
  3. He might have brought sexy back, but JT's directing debut for a tequila ad is comically bad.
  4. The funniest notes to thieves ever written is sure to put a smile on your dial!
  5. It's ok to stare when it comes to Style Like U, a enthralling collection of personal style stories from today's cultural influencers.


  1. Hahahha...what a funny photo:) I love the link posts sooooo much:)
    The lipsticks are very cute...Little cats...awww:)

    Kisses darling and have a wonderful day:)

  2. that picture is amazing. my 4 year odl would die for a hat like that.

  3. Such a great mixture - the lipsticks are brilliant (my mum would love them!). The hat reminds me very much of some "Where the wild things are" ones I saw recently (and tried on, but looked far, far too ridiculous to post the photos!).

  4. First time on your blog. The picture just held my attention. cute and funny. Show stopper.


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