Friday, July 23, 2010

Five Alive Friday

Prada Fall 2010 illustration by Kris Atomic

Hurry-up 5pm! Here are five links to bring on the weekend. Enjoy!
  1. Imke Klee is a stylist, phtographer and trend analyst at Li Edelkoort in Paris. Her sublime colour-coded pictures of 'things' have made my week.
  2. Everyone is saying it - macaroons are the new cupcake. NPR has a great rationale for why this is so.
  3. The only thing better than the cat's-eye glasses from Prada's Fall 2010 collection, is Kris Atomic's illustration of them. Meow!
  4. You don't have to wait for Movember to get your tash on. For the other 11 months of the year, lurk around Beard Revue and enjoy their choice selection of art, apparel and ephemera for beard and moustache enthusiasts.
  5. Small is always beautiful over at a site choc-a-block with design tips, inspiration and resources for spaces 1,000 square feet and under.

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  1. I adore those colour-coded cool:) Kisses,sweetie and have a wonderful afternoon:)

  2. super super list! hurry up 5:30 ; )
    i LOVE krisatomic's illos and photos too, they are really beautiful.
    have a wonderful weekend x

  3. Great list. is great - I lived in a 18 square feet (think very small) apartment while I was in Boston and used this site a lot for design ideas to make my small place versatile and still funky.

  4. What a happy funky list. I must pop over to this site and learn more about design. lol.
    Happy weekend;-)

  5. Love Kris Atomic, and Movember! Have a lovely weekend.

  6. I dunno...they said whoopie pies were the new cupcake, and I've heard of a burgeoning macaroon trend, but I still feel like the cupcake is the new cupcake. :) Happy weekend!

  7. love the Kris Atomic's illustrations - so quirky and french! nina


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