Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Smart or Stupid?

Images: Diesel

Be Stupid by Diesel

Diesel's latest outdoor ads, Be Stupid, have been banned in the UK for being too racy and encouraging bad behaviour. Interestingly enough, this campaign was also awarded the Grand Prix Lion at the recent Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival.

So, what do you think? Is Diesel's Be Stupid campaign...well...seriously stupid? Or is it awfully smart because it has everyone talking?


  1. Hmm they don't appeal to me but they're obviously targeting a younger crowd: they're probably popular with rebellious teenagers... I can imagine them ripping out the ads and putting them up on their walls.

  2. Hahhaha I think its funny:)
    Kisses darling and have a great day!
    Its a brave move from them, dont you think?

  3. It's smart from an advertising perspective but ads like this only elicit yawns from me. The controversy of being banned will probably only help the Diesel brand message.

  4. Funny story about this advertising campaign - it's all over Germany and over the weekend I took a picture of my sister's bf in front of it on his bike. We were mucking around and being pretty silly. 2 minutes later my sister is not looking where she's going and crashes into a parked car on her bike. Head over the handle bars, lands on the bonnet. Luckily she wasn't hurt but it was right in front of a cafe. Be Stupid. Quite.

  5. Doesn't appeal to me at all, and it actually turns me off from Diesel. However, I don't think I'm their target demographic.


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