Tuesday, July 6, 2010

There's no Such Thing as a Small Act of Kindness

Remember there's no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.
- Scott Adam

Little did I know that when yesterday dawned it would knock the wind out of me.

On our morning walk, our dog was attacked by another dog. It lasted for three minutes and was one of the most vicious and terrifying things I have ever witnessed.

As I screamed and screamed, people come running to help. And it is fact that I am choosing to remember from yesterday. Even in the midst of such a horrifying moment, we were shown tender kindness.

There were two mums with their babies who helped take our little boy our of harms way. Pete the street sweeper who leaped from his truck without a moment's hesitation to help restrain the other dog. Another man who ran to the nearest cafe to get a pen and paper and then chased down the other dog owner to get his details. And a mother and daughter who consoled me as I waited for my husband to come and drive our dog to the vet.

There were no small or random acts of kindness yesterday. Just beautiful, generous, selfless gestures which created a ripple. And that ripple turned into a wave which roared in the face of such a harrowing morning.

Ps: After a visit to the vet and lots of TLC, our pooch is already healing well.


  1. Ohh I hope your dog is ok...I have two dogs and I always feel so bad when other dog is harming them....Your dog is such a cutie....Those little acts of kindness are so lovely....Awww
    Kisses sweetie and have a wonderful Monday

  2. That happened to my dog and me once, it is terrifying. It made me change my habits of walking him out of our neighborhood. I hope you all recover quickly, and I am so sorry! Kisses to the pooch.

  3. It's moments like these that give you faith in those around us. Most of whom we will never speak to or get to know. It's just a shame we only experience them when something horrific has happened. Random acts of kindness are the way forward! I hope you and you dog are well. xxxx

  4. Oh how horrifying, hope your poor pup is on the mend - and you too x

  5. I'm so glad that your dogs okay - as I was reading your post I thought that things might not have ended so well. It's good that you are remembering/trying to see the positives in all this. ox

  6. hope your dog´s ok :)

    it´s so sweet of the people who helped your dog, not everybody does that, they´ve been very kind


  7. I'm so sorry to hear that. What an awful experience. I had a similar experience the week before last when my dog was attacked by a pitbull which tore at her throat and neck while she lay on the ground terrified, it was horrendous. Fortunately she was fine, just very, very scared. I've heard it's recommended to have a leash that's a chain so that you can defend your dog (or yourself) but Ifind it sad that life has come to a place where we would have to consider taking effectively a weapon to a park..So glad your dog is ok.


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