Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hairy Maclary

Drown in a Blossom

Flying Sofa Brooch

Rabbits Sharing Tears

Endless Sleeves Scarf

Sausage Festival Brooch

Jewelry by Hairy Sock

Bad hairy:
The winter 'coat' I'm currently sporting.

Good hairy:
Hairy has never looked so good!

From US $16, available online from Etsy.


  1. How creative and fun...I love that flying sofa:)...Kisses,sweetie!

  2. That Flying Sofa brooch is adorable!

  3. Hairy Maclary was one of my favourite books as a kid. So much fun. My favourite is the flying sofa brooch - I think I like the rabbits too but there's a part of me which also says "that's too creepy"

  4. The first two are just bloody adorable, love them to bits :)


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