Friday, July 16, 2010

Five Alive Friday

Painted sticks by Ginette Lapalme

Another week down and we're already halfway through the year. To tide you over to the weekend, here are five links to bring on 5pm. Enjoy!
  1. I don't do Vitamin Water, but I'm mighty intrigued by their newly released Vitamin Schtick.
  2. Your mumma always told you to stop staring. But when it comes to Martin Schoeller's complex and captivating portraits of female bodybuilders, I defy anyone to not become a mad starer!
  3. Forever 21, the US equivalent of Sportsgirl, is launching a new line of maternity wear called love21maternity. This range will only be available in Arizona, Alaska, California, Utah and Texas. Surprise, surprise, but three of these five states have the highest percentages of teen pregnancies in the US. I'm not sure which part of this range offends me the most...
  4. My new favourite term - Gypset
  5. For a dose of morbid beauty it's hard to go past Polly Morgan's taxidermy delights.
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  1. OOh painted sticks - I should do this with my son! He is obsessed with sticks!

  2. I love painted sticks...I used to paint them as a child:) I am off to check out the links...Thanks,sweetie and have a wonderful afternoon:)

  3. 3rd statement, good marketing for Forever21!

    Happy Friday!:D
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    & Life According to Marie.

  4. Oh these are cool! Kind of like Aboriginal art or something. Love the bright colours..

  5. Great shot. Love those sticks too. They do feel very Aboriginal. I like that. Px


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