Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Vintage Frames Company Goes Online

Hip hip hooray! It's the first day of Summer. This means eating too much ice cream, coral painted toenails and the start of my annual quest to find the perfect vintage sunglasses to last the season.

This year though, my mission might be over by the the second day of summer with news that esteemed purveyor of classic shades, Vintage Frames Company, has opened an online store.

Stocking about 100,000 original frames from the 50's through to the 80's, Vintage Frames Company is responsible for hand placing most of the vintage sunglasses you see in magazines and music videos. They'll also soon be responsible for placing a pair upon the face of yours truly!


  1. First day of summer. Harrumph. I am sitting on my sofa in London wrapped in a duvet with the heater blasting. Incredibly envious of the months of sunshine you have ahead.

  2. How fun that you are having a first day of summer...We got our first snow over the weekend:) Enjoy it sweetie and those glasses are beautiful..LOve the first pair:)

  3. those are really cool! enjoy your summer for me...i could use some warmth!


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