Friday, December 3, 2010

Five Alive Friday

Hey there, let's go! Here's five links to bide your time 'till 5pm...
  1. The story of the real Steve Tucker (as in the public servant who wrote an email to 4,000 colleagues trying to find a girl he met at a party) has affected me so deeply. It's well worth making a cup of tea and spending five minutes reading this all the way to the end.
  2. This week I've been completely and utterly obsessed with this song. Can't hear it enough. Can't stop dancing to it.
  3. Surprisingly, American Apparel have changed their ad style to illustrations. Unsurprisingly, they still feature nudity.
  4. beautyheaven have just released a nifty iphone app. Featuring over 50,000 product reviews and an incredibly handy glossary of ingredients, it is perfect for cutting through the b.s. and making informed beauty purchases.
  5. Issue Seven of Curvy is out now. You'd be mad not to pick it up!


  1. Really excited about Curvy:) I love that photo too:) Have a great weekend

  2. Thanks for the links specially the first one!

  3. Mark Ronson is hot! As is Andrew Wyatt who he is recording with now.

    Happy Friday xx

  4. I love that image of the Elephant. How adorable is that! :)

  5. sooo interesting about the american apparel ads...weirdos!
    love the elephant, i love elephants in general :)
    happy w/e!

  6. LOVE Mark Ronson! Fave Ronson by far. And I hadn't heard about Steve Tucker, so I'm excited to get the full story. Thanks!


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