Friday, December 10, 2010

Five Alive Friday

Image: Strakss

Strap yourself in, and away we go! Here's five tempting links to inch you closer to the weekend...
  1. The world's most expensive book, Birds of America, just sold for US$10 million at auction in London.
  2. To tick off all the kids on your Christmas list, head on over to a fab site called Moo Said The Cow. I've done a lot of my Chrissy shopping over they have the added sweetner of 25% off all toys until this Sunday.
  3. Check out this donut maker. As the great Homer Simpson would say, 'Mmmmmm, donuts!'
  4. Plastic fantastic! Artist Bang-Yao Liu has recreated the city of Shanghai completely out of inexpensive plastic boxes and boxes.
  5. The VERAMEAT jewellery label isn't just about statement pieces - it's a conversation starter.


  1. I need that donut maker! Its brilliant:) Thanks so much for the links:) Wish you a great weekend

  2. That photo is so cool! Thanks for the great links! $10 million book is insane!!!

    That baby site is great!!

    Have a great weekend!


  3. I swear I left a comment on here (on Friday!) grrr.

    ...I had 'hurled abuse' at you for introducing me to VERAMEAT and thus starting an addiction. :D

    That book really wasn't cheap...cheep?

    baboomtish :)


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