Friday, December 17, 2010

Five Alive Friday

Image: Booooooom

It's hard to believe that another week is almost done and dusted! Here's five links to lose yourself in until 5pm rolls around:
  1. This Roald Dahl quote made my day.
  2. In case you haven't received your Christmas card from the Kardashians, here it is! It's very Dynasty-esque, don't you think?
  3. Top Ten lists reviewing 2010 are starting to roll in. Here's a rundown of the ten most retweeted tweets.
  4. An egg style house? Yes, please!
  5. For a good dose of the Friday giggles, head on over to Hover Hands.

Ps: Don't forget to enter my decadent Pamper Pack giveaway from The Aromatherapy Co!


  1. haha...that egg-style house is so cool:) Wish you a great weekend

  2. Thank you for the links!

    Did you come over for my giveaway on my blog. A gift card sponsored by CSN Stores.

  3. love this five alive friday!

    The dynasty/kardashians looks so over the top it is ridiculous.
    Hover hands is hilarious!

  4. The Kardashians look so different, I barely recognised Kylie and Kendall.

    Rob is such the odd one out in that family. The forgotten child, haha.

  5. Wow the Kardashians Christmas card photos are amazing. Love Kims white dress absolutely fabulous!


  6. I love the Roald Dahl quote too!


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