Thursday, December 9, 2010

Moleskine Mini Planner Stop-Motion

Things have been a little crazy around these parts. The usual December madness of catch-ups, cocktails and cheer is in overdrive and things have never been busier (or more exciting) on the work front.

So, I thought the perfect tonic would be one part part frivolous and two parts brilliance. Created by Dutch visual artist, Rogier Wieland, this stop-motion for Moleskine Mini Planners might just be more sensational than the product itself....if that's at all possible when it comes to anything Moleskine related!


  1. That video is brilliant and I use their planners for years now:) They are really the best!
    Kisses, sweetie

    Ps: I am hosting a stunning leather clutch GIVEAWAY today, just in time for Holiday Parties!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. how brilliant - perfect tonic! so, so good to hear all is going well and exciting things on the work front! YAY! xx

  4. oh! i don't know what i did there, but i removed my comment. I was saying the mini-planner sounds just right :)

  5. that totally makes me want one! too bad i already bought one :)
    p.s. my dog got excited when he heard the doorbell in that, haha

  6. To those who wondered about the "Making of..." here it is:​17916523



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