Monday, December 6, 2010

What's Your Beauty Maintenance Routine?

When it comes to all things beauty related, the older I get the more low maintenance I become. Anything that cuts out an unnecessary step is right up my alley!

Whilst it might seem awfully mundane, one little discovery that has been saving me effort in the personal grooming department is the Venus Spa Breeze razor. They say it's the first disposable razor with built-in shave gel bars. I say that it does a damn fine job of getting rid of peach fuzz on my pins, makes shaving cream redundant and the White Tea scent smells a treat. Oh, and you can pick it up at the supermarket...which is handy since I seem to spend half my life there!

It also got me thinking though about my beauty maintenance routine:
  • I dye my hair red and get it trimmed every 8 weeks. Before I had a baby, this used to be every 4 weeks, but I certainly don't have the luxury of time anymore!
  • Every 6 or so weeks I get my brows shaped. In between I tweeze every few days.
  • I have this weird superstition that if I don't shave my legs before going out for a night on the tiles, then I'm simply not properly put together. So my legs are religiously shaved on Saturday nights....and if I remember, they might get a quick going over during the week!
  • I get a full-on-the-works facial twice a year.
  • Whenever I get out of the shower , I slap on a truckload of the Bloom Organics Hydrating Body Lotion.
  • I exfoliate once a week with Ren's Glycolactic Skin Renewal Peel Mask and moisturise morning and night with their Vita-Mineral Radiant Day Cream.
  • Forget manis, I don't have the time or patience to wait for them to dry. I do give myself a little pedi every other week though.
So, what's your beauty maintenance routine? When I see mine written down in black and white, it made me realise that even though I think I'm pretty low maintenance, a lot of time is actually put into keeping up appearances!


  1. Before parenthood, I used to do the works! Waxing every 4 weeks, haircut and colour every 6-8 weeks, facials, day spa treatments, manis/pedis all the time.

    Now? Well I only had my hair cut ONCE in 2009! No colour. No facials. A few massages here and there.

    After this pregnancy, I'm going to start getting laser hair removal. I'm over waxing and shaving.

  2. My beauty maintenance routine is hardly a routine. I do whatever needs to be done when it needs to be done. Being a college student, I'm not at home [my dorm] much and when I am I'm either sleeping or studying.


  3. I dont have much time for the beauty maintenance those days..:) One thing I did is laser hair-removal and it saves me so much time:)
    I like going for a hair trim and I try to do that every few weeks:)
    Happy Monday, my dear

  4. Interesting, I will have to think about what I actually do, haha!

  5. I'm pretty low maintenance too especially after seeing how much my sister does every day to just do her hair and make up. I'd be exhausted after 2 hours (yes, it takes her 2 hours!). It's insane!

  6. Hmmm, I don't think I've very far to scale down to if I ever have a baby! I have my hair coloured twice a year on average, and cut at the same time. I'm lucky if I wax my legs that often. I moisturise when I start to see scales on my legs...and that's about it!


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