Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Interview: Founder of The Aromatherapy Co, Sarah Townsend

The Aromatherapy Co's 'Cotton' range is my favourite. I love the combination of kraft paper and doily motif in fresh tones.

It probably comes as no surprise that given the time of year, I've been shopping up a storm. One brand that keeps popping up on my travels is The Aromatherapy Co.

Initially it was the packaging that made me notice. But when I dug a little deeper, I realised that beauty is more than skin (or should I say label!) deep for The Aromatherapy Co. All of their home fragrance and body care products are natural and free from nasties like parabens, artificial fragrances, sodium laurel sulphate and mineral oil. Plus, they are ardently against animal testing and 85% of their packaging is recyclable - which earns double brownie points in my book!

In the quest to find out even more about The Aromatherapy Co, I tracked down their founder and director, Sarah Townsend to see what makes her tick and how she turned a passion for natural therapies into a booming brand.

Sarah Townsend, founder and director of The Aromatherapy Co.

My fascination with aromatherapy began when...when I was a child and I spent many hours in the garden gathering any herbs and flowers I could find. I'd then blend them to make all sorts of potions. Later on I studied famous herbalists and their practices to see how amazing nature is and all it has to offer.

I’m inspired children

My top aromatherapy tip is...sleeping is a very big problem for many of us (including myself) and therefore I always have lavender essential oil and our relaxing blend beside the bed. I find a few drops on the pillow works wonders to send me into a deep restful sleep. Also tea tree oils is a must-have in your first aid kit, it really is a little miracle healer and can be used in so many ways as it is a natural disinfectant and great for dry skin.

I thought ‘someone pinch me’ when...Everyday I thank the universe for my family and friends, I am truly blessed.

The only way to juggle a young family and thriving business be very organized and be surrounded by a fantastic support unit.

My favourite essential blend and jasmine. It is so revitalizing and regenerating for your skin and it always reminds me of summer holidays.

If I could turn back the clock...I would have stayed at home longer when my girls were babies as they grow so fast.

The 'Aroma Gardener' range.

I’m passionate about...the environment. We use recyclable materials in all our packaging and have done so for many years.

Most people don’t know that I...have a amazing father who has inspired and mentored me and is my best friend.

My favourite holiday our holiday house on an island in Auckland. It is my solace and where I do a lot of designing and creating.

My hope for 2011 is that...that the world starts taking global warming very seriously and starts making the difference that is so needed.

My golden rule is...always give back more that you take!

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  1. lovely interview! :) thanks for sharing!!


  2. That is such a wonderful interview:) Kisses,sweetie

    Ps: I am hosting a charming scarf GIVEAWAY today, just in time for cozy Christmas!

  3. I am so jealous that you got to meet Sarah Townsend! It's a great interview. I love her products, and approach to packaging, and what ingredients she uses. I am always searching for products like this.

    She seems like the kinda lady I would love to sit down with, and pick her brain over a cup of tea :)


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