Monday, November 29, 2010

The Design Files Calendar

I'm finding myself wishing away these last days of 2010, just so I can put my 2011 Design Files Neighbourhood Calendar to use!

Illustrated by some of Australia's finest illustrators, it features twelve of the loveliest neighbourhoods from Melbourne and beyond. And if that wasn't enough, it doesn't get much sunnier and joyful than the special orange fluro ink that's been used throughout and powder-coated yellow wire binding.

Yes sirree - this is twelve months of perfection!

Au $30, available online from Lamington Drive.


  1. This one is great, I just LOVE april!!
    And such happy colors :)

  2. heart. want. bad.

    Can you tell me if the week starts on Sunday or Monday? I can't bear a calendar with a Monday start date and I can't make it out from the site. Thanks ever so much!

  3. On no Two Tuesdays! It does start with a Monday....
    It's still worth it though! I'm smitten...

  4. i was just looking at this calendar baby this morning, and hoping someone would get it for me christmas!

  5. Oh noes! Every week should start and end with the weekend - don't you think? Gorgeous calendar, though...


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