Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Ray of Sunshine

Tights by Mieke Diedeling

Mum and Dad have just returned from holiday and came bearing a ridiculously generous booty of gifts. There were no dodgy souvenirs in sight, just treasures like these unreal tights by Mieke Diedeling.

Hand silk-screen printed they are like a little ray of sunshine - especially when Melbourne's top temperature is struggling to reach double digits!

Take a gander at more of their designs over here.

From 21 Euro, available from Mieke Diedeling.


  1. Those tights are so cute...and that photo made me smile:) Thanks,sweetie and have a fun day

  2. love the tights, and yes, they are the perfect way to add a burst of sunshine to these rather icy, dreary days we have been having..

  3. The tights are awesome - I got really excited when I saw it was a German company and then I realised that they don't have a distributor in Berlin (yet). Hopefully soon... otherwise I'll have to orchestrate a trip to Collogne. :)

  4. Cool tights, wow!

  5. Clare...Mum and Dad had a whole lot of photos from the shop in looks absolutely incredible! If you can swing a trip down /up (not sure what direction it's in!) there you will definitely not be disappointed!

  6. These are just the most perfect tights ever. The colour is pure perfection. They look fantastic on you. Great shot too. Thanks for dropping by my blog too... Pxxx


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