Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Light My Fire

Images: entronica

Vintage Matchbooks

The closest I've ever come to collecting anything was a five day encounter in 1993 with the idea that accumulating matchbooks might be my go. Unfortunately my short attention span meant my collection only ever consisted of two before I tired of the idea.

Even though I didn't get very far with my collection, I've continued to carry a torch for vintage matchbooks - every cover is like a mini pop masterpiece. Take these treasures that were recently unearthed at a NYC flea market. Made by Lion Match USA, these matchbooks are like 'time capsules' that capture the aesthetic of the 1930's.

Are you a collector? What have you had more success than me in amassing?


  1. I tried to collect match boxes too, but lost interest very quickly. I probably would have perservered if they were half as interesting as the ones in your images. Thanks for your comment about my mod light.xx

  2. I collect clothes :p kidding... I'm not really good at collecting stuff. My boyfriend collets comic books. If there was something I would collect, it would be hats. I don't wear them so often, but I love them.

    p.s. thanks for your comment!

  3. I wish I would collect things...I adore those...such a cute little things:)
    Made me smile today..and I crazy about the angel one:)
    Kissse darling

  4. those matchboxes are so original!;)


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