Thursday, June 24, 2010

Style Stalker

Image: Naag


I don't mean to come over all Single White Female but when it comes to Aggy, I'd happily copy anything she wears, watches, listens to or does - except maybe that buzz cut she's currently rocking!

Style stalking Agyness Deyn (and her mates) just got a hell of a lot easier, thanks to Naag, their new site that shares the things they love to do, see and feel while living and hanging out in New York.

Yup. When it comes to Aggy I don't mind being naag-ged morning, noon and night!


  1. true...she has the best style:) Kisses and have a fun day:)

  2. That is the style burst I needed on frump day!

  3. Thanks for the intro into a good one that is!


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