Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Love It or Loathe It: Scrunchies

Speaking of Sex and The City, do you remember the episode where Carrie tsk-tsked Jack Berger for giving his leading lady a scrunchie?

Well it seems, Jack might have been onto something. Having graced the ponytails and wrists of most women in the early 90s, it seems the scrunchie is having another moment.

So, will you bust out a side pony and scrunchie double-combo any time soon? Or is it a case of remembering this trend from the first time around and being happy to leave it to 1991?

Update: It seems Scrunchies won't be making a comeback when it comes to you lot, with 79% saying you loathe them!

Trend Spotter: Scrunchies
Love It
Loathe It

Update: It seems Scrunchies


  1. Hehe no thanks but I do think the arms full of scrunchies could just be the perfect accessories for power meetings!!

  2. I don't mind a scrunchie. I've ridiculously thick hair, that due to an extreme haircut drought has become very long. It is almost impossible to find ponytailers that hold well and don't snap. I've definitely been spotted sporting this 'trend' in moments of hair-frustration.

    I definitely think they are for the hair and not the arm (if they are for anywhere)

  3. Thanks LinkWithin for bringing back to this older post. I can see myself when I was about 10 years-old with that exact same hair style (side pony tail + scrunchie)! I loved it back then but you wouldn't catch me with one these days! What about you: do you love it or loathe it?


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