Monday, June 21, 2010

Practicing Failure in Advance

Image: Booooooom

Big changes are coming my way. They make me feel giddy with excitement and also scare the crap out of me!

Over the weekend I came across this excerpt from Seth Godin's latest book, Linchpin:

Anxiety is practicing failure in advance. Anxiety is needless and imaginary. It's fear about fear, fear that means nothing.

I'm going to use this to slay that niggling voice of self-doubt that sometimes gets a bit too loud for comfort...


  1. As a worrier from birth, I found this a wonderful way to look at it. I justify that I worry to avoid failure, but viewing it as practising for the failure is a really effective viewpoint - I think this will definitely stay with me. One of the other quotes I like is that "worry gives a small thing a big shadow", which is so visual as to be useful (I wrote a bit about this a month or so ago, if it's of interest...
    Best of luck with those big changes, too!

  2. I LOVE that quote. I may steal it. I have horrible anxiety...all the time.

  3. I adore this quote...I hope that all the changes will be positive and lovely:) Kisses sweetie and enjoy your Monday

  4. ohhh exciting. great words once again from Seth!!
    love the pic too x

  5. Blue Penguin - I love your quote about worry giving small things a big shadow! This is a thought I'm going to hold onto...
    Will also go and check out your post now...

  6. I just stumbled on your blog by accident, and I have no idea what changes are causing you to be scared but wanted to say 'You'll be fine!'. Taking on new challenges, especially to pursue something you love or want dearly will always be good for you x


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