Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Who do You Dress For?

The Kristiina necklace is from Minna's range and is is made using recycled fabrics, lace, vintage buttons and leftover fabrics.

Riddle me this - who do you dress for? Yourself? The boys? Other girls?

I've just realised that I dress for other girls. It's shallow. I don't know why I do it because I always thought I didn't care what anyone else thinks!

Regardless of who you dress for, Minna will make sure you look damn fine! For the month of August, this standout eco-fashion label is offering all Checks and Spots readers 20% off your next purchase from their e-boutique. Just enter the promo code MINNA1 at the checkout.

PS: In case you missed it the first time around, check out my interview with Minna Hepburn, the creative brains behind Minna.


  1. That is such a beautiful necklace:)


  2. I think I dress for child's play these days. I tend to make sure that outfits meet the easy access for feeding, comfortable for down trips and not revealing when bending over. That is pretty lame isn't it? Yup.

  3. What a cute necklace.:D

    I dress for myself... and next would be for my husband!:D
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  4. pretty pretty necklace, i think we all dress for other girls. at least we dress fasionably for other girls, and want to look pretty for guys

  5. Most of us dress for the other girls. But at least we also celebrate ourselves too instead of just worrying about impressing everyone.
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  6. We dress sexily for men and fashionably for women!! Not the rule but generally...

    Other females understand the finer details of what you're wearing.

    I believe I dress for myself BUT I do dress to be noticed (I can't deny that) but by whom? hmmm.
    ...I know I dress for my different 'tribes'!! I dress a certain way when I'm with my girlfriends, my guy friends, my gay friends! It's expected of me and I hate to disappoint!! hahahahaha!!!

    When I'm with my husband I dress sexier than usual.'s mood dependent... I do know that I do not dress with the intention of fitting in. urgh. That is an anathema to me.

    Do you mind if I use this question in a post on my blog? [will link back to you]

    ps. GORGEOUS necklace!

  7. Not at all Dusk! Would love to see hear what your readers think...

  8. I think we all dress for other women, really. At least I do - unless I'm dressing for a date or my boy-friend. I just checked out Minna's shop - such beautiful tops and dresses.

  9. I dress for myself, my man and other women come a close second.

  10. I find I dress for other girls unless I'm on a date night with my boyfriend ;)


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