Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fuck Off, I Love You

Images: Fad

It might seem that lately Checks and Spots is in need of a swear jar, but I couldn't help but share this with you.

Music Video Director, Huse Monfaradi, and photographer, Dan Wilton, recently collaborated to capture sixty of their friends and acquaintances in the process of swearing.

"The idea was really simple - to capture the emotive, cathartic outburst of energy from swearing to camera," says Monfaradi. "Then freeze frame the moment in mid-action. Whereas one would normally search for beauty and flawlessness in conventional photography, imperfections and facial contortions have been the driving force behind the project."

Not surprisingly, the shoot often ended up as a mass primal therapy session. Don't you think there is something weirdly liberating about letting a loud f-bomb rip?!


  1. Hahhaa...that is such a cool idea:)
    I adore the guy...hahah:)
    Great post,darling

  2. my boyfriend thinks the f-bomb is the most used word in english and completely practical too - noun, verb, adjective - it encompasses all needs. I'm not 100% sure it's used so much, but perhaps a little more than we care to admit. :)

  3. That's too funny. What a great idea. It is a horrible habit but I'm afraid to say, I fall into it too... Maybe I'll think more about how ugly I look when I do it!! Pruxxx

  4. What a great idea! I'm embarassed to say I'm a frequent user of the f-word. But as you say, it's so liberating!


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