Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Three of the Best: Light Bulbs

Let's face it - while energy efficient light bulbs might make Captain Planet proud, they are butt ugly! So I thought I'd shine a little light on three bulbs that are all about looks.

Diamond Light

More of a sculpture with function, the Diamond Light by Eric Therner puts your garden variety bulb to shame and looks just as striking off as when it's on.

Cable Jewelry

Melbourne-based designer, Volker Haug, combines his industrial, minimalist style to give the pendant light a quirky makeover.

Wooden Bulb

The Wooden Bulb by SUCK UK is a bulb...but not as you know it! Made from laser cut wood it can be hung from the ceiling or laid on its side to create a warm, waffle-like glow.


  1. Loving the look...The wooden bulb is so great! Gives such a lovely light:)
    Happy Tuesday:)

  2. That last bulb is fantastic - reminds me of a light that I saw in Denmark recently. Was so disappointed to see the price though - close to 200 euro and a little out of my budget

  3. You are so, so right!! It's such a shame they're so ugly. These are all fantastic though. I too love the wooden one but I also like the modern looking first one. Simple and stylish. Pruxxx

  4. I blogged about Suck UK a while back. I love what their items! They made such originals gifts for friends & family.


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