Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Vogue Italia Oil Spill Inspired Editorial

Images: Refinery29

The August 2010 edition of Vogue Italia is dominated by a 24-page, oil spill inspired editorial. Shot by Steven Meisel, the images are a provocative interpretation of the injured and oiled animals that have been in the media since the Deepwater Explosion in April.

As 'art' these images are at once beautiful, eye-catching, poignant and revolting. But as a magazine editorial they leave me cold. By glamorizing this ecological disaster, Vogue Italia swiftly trivialises the situation. Plus, the cherry-on-the top must surely be that while highlighting an environmental catastrophe they feature clothes that cost thousands of dollars and were probably flown halfway around the world...

What do you think? Thought-provoking fashion journalism or just bad taste?


  1. Totally thought-provoking..I really love the message...Its so intereting...Thanks so much for sharing:)


  2. Wow. It would really catch your attention!:D

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  3. Bad taste for exactly the reasons you cite. An ecological tragedy is not a backdrop for an editorial and the hypocrisy leaves me cold.

    It's the context that repulses me. If this was 'art', without the designer labels, then it would be a provocative message, the photos are striking but this isn't provocative, it's a cheap jump on a bandwagon.

  4. ...and dammit... I am a Meisel and McMenamy fan.

  5. Wow. These images are so powerful. I can't stop looking at them. In a round about way it's what will end up happening to a lot of us... Thanks for sharing. Pruxxx

  6. I want to be disgusted by these photos for all the reasons that you cite. But there's something that makes me think "at least they're keeping it on the agenda". The oil is still leaking, the birds are still dying but it's not longer front page news. Out of sight, out of mind. This editorial, while somehow hypocritical is at least making news. Can't say it really makes me want to buy the clothes though.

  7. These photos bring the disaster to the attention of the fashion audience, who may otherwise be totally unaware of what's happening in the world. In that sense, I think they work. It gets people thinking and talking about these issues, which is all you can ask, really.


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