Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Who Embodies Being a Woman in 2011?

Nivea has just announced that from May they will team up with Rihanna to celebrate their centennial.

Sure, it was commercially sound to get Ri Ri on board (afterall, she is currently touring and has a strong social media network of in excess of 30 million) but I think Nivea should be congratulated on choosing someone who is an authentic portrayal of womanhood in the 21st century.

Rihanna has worked relentlessly to carve out a successful career and also found the Believe Foundation, she has a bold style that is individual and unapologetic and has a confidence in her own sexuality. Flick through any glossy and you'll be hard pressed to find another pop culture icon who ticks all these boxes and is such an empowering spokesperson for a skincare brand.

I'm interested to hear what you have to say though - As far as pop culture icons go, who do you think embodies being a woman in 2011?


  1. Hmmm... can't say I agree with this. She is an admirable young woman in her field but... role model or the embodiment of a modern woman? No. Not for me. Just too... tryhard.

    Then again... I grew up with Madonna. Rihanna is beige in comparison. Which sounds mean and I don't mean it to be, I do like Rihanna's stage persona very much, like her songs except for when they come on the radio, etc when I'm with my children and then 'Rude Boy', 'S&M' etc... well you think twice about singing those lyrics in front of your children... I don't think she's particularly strong or bold outside of her comfort zone so I don't quite understand how she is an "empowering spokesperson" but she has presence and that X factor that will guarantee her career longevity. And she knows how to work the media, play the game and still appear edgy.

    Hmmm... and now I'm stumped as to who I think is authentic!


    Angelina for sure but she's considered 'old' by today's standards of womanhood. Ha! Plus she is polarizing. But she doesn't care either way. Love that!

    These young Australian women...

    Lauryn Eagle? LOVE this girl. She is awesome! And real life awesome, not pretend in a video awesome.

    Cheyenne Tozzi... a Goddess. A martial art butt kicking Goddess!!

    You know what? I'm too old and out of it! I have no clue!

    So... maybe then Rihanna is a perfect choice!


  2. Oh never disappoint! Your take on things is always so refreshing and considered. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your means the world to me! x


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