Friday, March 11, 2011

Five Alive Friday

Here's five links to tide you over to 5pm - plus an extra one because it's a long weekend in my neck of the woods! Enjoy...
  1. How's this for a tongue twister - Who What Wear have just released, What to Wear, Where. This how-to handbook covers 50 events and 100 plus outfits.
  2. I'm more of a dog person, but that doesn't stop me being impressed by this Cats Attack! Scratching Post.
  3. Did you know that every Vogue cover from 2010 stacked on top of each other forms the Virgin Mary?
  4. This is no joke. Sandblasted denim should come with a serious health warning.
  5. Neverland Lost is is a phenomenal collection of photos of the King of Pop's most treasured and iconic belongings.
  6. Damn You Auto Correct! will make you chuckle and squirm because we've all been there!


  1. I always love your round up of links! That's crazy about the sandblasting! Good for H&M and Levis.

  2. The image is beautiful :). Hope you enjoy your weekend! Lucky you getting a long one.

  3. hahaa, the virgin mary thing is genius. And i love damnyouautocorrect! so funny x

  4. love the auto correct, and the sand blasting who knew???


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