Friday, March 25, 2011

Five Alive Friday

This week goes down as one of the toughest I've ever faced. So, here are five links dedicated to escapism and unapologetic pleasure seeking. Enjoy!
  1. Lover's latest fashion short film, A Dance for One, is achingly pretty.
  2. This slideshow is a perfect tribute to Elizabeth Taylor: fearless style icon.
  3. Check out this rad street art by a Berlin-based collective, who uses photographic images to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.
  4. There's nothing like cake to chase grey clouds away. Just ask Jessica Hische and her site, The Internet Sends Me Cake.
  5. And when cake fails, there's always retail therapy. Especially when it comes to these ankle boots from Acne.

1 comment:

  1. ohhh... I'm sorry to hear that it's been a tough week...
    Astrologically, it's all planetary and it shall pass... logically... what goes down comes back up.
    Hope next week is wonderful for you.

    Read this most excelent piece; Paglia on Taylor ... it's wonderful!


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