Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Trend Spotter: Nails

London-based Sophy Robson is the nail artist extraordinaire who sets and makes trends. I was looking through her work at recent fashion shows and wondered which of these looks you see taking off:

Leather Look Nails

Luxury leather brand, Loewe, asked Robson to create nail extensions that matched their mahogany leather jackets. To achieve this look she used a custom-made matte brown and black trench tip. Looks pretty amazing, doesn't it? Plus, makeup by legendary Pat McGrath completed the glamourous look.

The 'V' Gap

For Antonio Beradi's show, Robson created a 'V' gap manicure in petrol blue black. Maybe this look will become this season's reverse manicure?

Perfectly Manicured Loval Shape

Riffing on fashion's return to ladylike glamour, Robson created a perfectly manicure loval (long and oval) nail shape for Giles. This is an update on the squoval (short and oval) shape that has dominated recent seasons.

So...which of these trends do you like the most? Will you be trying any of them out?


  1. I love the first and last best, but with the absolutely most terrible and mannish hands ever, there's not too many nail looks I can pull off, even though I try. Oh, what I wouldn't give for pretty hands!

  2. I really like the V shaped manicure. Though it'd take far too much patience!x

  3. i LOVE nail polish. my friend was wearing an OPI matte black polish the other day which looked really cool and i love the V shape, i wonder if it would be hard to do?

  4. omg I love the leather nails!!! how do you do that????

  5. ellie - i know what you mean! the v mani is my fave but def a look i'll be leaving for a manicurist to do for me rather than DIY

    Kai - the leather nails are all about using matte rather than super glossy nail polish...


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