Thursday, October 14, 2010

Perez Hilton Turns Over a New Leaf

Video: YouTube

There's no doubting it, Perez Hilton has built his celeb gossip brand on snarky commentary and bullying. But, if his latest YouTube video is anything to go by, he is changing his name-calling ways and taking a more friendly approach.

While Perez certainly looks sincere in his desire to 'be the change he hopes to see in the world', I have a niggling feeling that this change will also be good for business. Keeping the sass but making it more vanilla, will increase opportunities to monetise his content. In fact, historically big brands have been wary of advertising on his site due to the unpredictable and caustic content.

What's your take on Perez's new chapter?


  1. VERY interesting indeed!

    I used to love Perez, but the whole fight / video really put me off him.

    I agree, he will probably get more business from doing good.

    No more pee drops coming from Linday Lohan's photos? We'll see....

  2. It's interesting...

    ***** Marie *****

  3. I agree...Its all buisness related. Its so interesting

    Ps: I hope you had a chance to enter my Giveaway!

  4. I read his blog a long time ago and then it just left me with a bad taste in my mouth and i started feeling guilty encouraging him by reading it.

    so if it's true, that's not a bad thing but i won't be checking out his blog to see if it happens!

  5. Agreed! I've never read his blog b/c it's so unnecessarily ... gross. For lack of a better word. Although maybe being called a hypocrite was enough for a permanent, positive change. We can only hope!


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