Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Geninne's Painted Rocks

When I was five I had a pet rock.
It was a lump of a thing and not nearly as pretty as Geninne's painted rocks.
Sigh. It seems you're never too old for a rock to rock your world!

US $45; available from Geninne's Etsy Store.

Ps: Make sure you stop by and visit Geninne's blog - it will make your day. I promise!


  1. what a great find, I love these rocks. So beautiful!

  2. these are gorgeous, i want some for wedding favors.. but they are no longer in the shop. so sad, but maybe she'll make me some! :) thanks girlie!

  3. That is so sweet! I am loving those rocks too:) Your post made me smile..Thanks,sweetie

  4. i love these. so beautiful. hmm. one would go perfectly with my tiny collection of pebbles from positano on my desk.

  5. Truly magnificent... I absolutely adore these. Such amazing attention to detail. I'm swinging by Etsy now... Pruxxx

  6. I really enjoy popping into Geninne's blog and seeing what she's been up to. Her new house i Mexico is also amazing - what I'd give for at studio AND a view like that!!

  7. These are divine. I love a good pet rock but this is taking it to a whole new level! Lovely.

  8. I love these stones painted
    thanks and happy weekend!!!


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