Friday, October 1, 2010

Five Alive Friday

5pm ahoy! Sail on through to the weekend with five tasty links:
  1. I kid you not...Levi's have released a onesie for grown-up girls. A chambray button-down shirt is attached to slouchy jeans and it's not half as bad as you think it would be!
  2. Naomi Campbell gets violent again - this time though it's for a gory (and some might say kinky) editorial for Interview magazine.
  3. Sweet Paul chases the sweet things in life. His recipes - sweet and savoury - are my latest culinary obsession.
  4. Is that a hidden animal in your teacup or are you just pleased to see me?
  5. The top 30 finalists in Positive Posters, an international poster design competition, will warm your heart.


  1. sweet paul indeed! yummo!
    and the onsie is pretty funny, not what i expected at all - it actually looks like two items of clothing!
    hope you are well xx

  2. "...I remember one time I went to Australia. I don’t know if this is true or not, but the editor in chief of a magazine there told me that she got fired for putting me on the cover."

    I wonder if this is true??
    Naomi is one of my favourite models (and I stopped loving models after the Supers. Models today are just normal twigs, not freak of nature Amazons) but I have never ever added 'role' to their role in interviews like this amuse me.
    ... and eek! The accompanying editorial images are disturbing, awful! God! I'm such a square!

    The onesie!!!! hahahahahaha!! Um... kinda cute...

    Those cups! Not good if you haven't been warned beforehand! Cool though!

  3. LOVE those positive posters. can't believe that onesie. i was bracing myself for the worst! and sweet paul- that quiche made my mouth water. thanks girlie, you always post the best links :)

  4. lovely - lovely! thanks for the inspiration miss c. xo

  5. I was just laughing at my desk at work thinking about onesies for grown-ups. It must be fall's version of the romper? My one question remains, how do you avoid awkward bathroom run ins at the bar when your shirt is attached to your pants?

    Just something to think about. LOL.



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