Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's Easy Being Green: How to Make Your Own Natural Cleaning Products

Two things happened recently that led me down a path I haven't ventured before:
  1. I'm certainly no domestic goddess, but our house pleaded with me for a spring clean - the type that's seen me fossicking in every cupboard and cleaning every nook and cranny.
  2. I've become passionate about reducing my family's exposure to unnecessary and harmful chemicals.
So, with a bee in my bonnet about changing the way I've always done things, I began reading about making my own green cleaning products. Here are three that have been working overtime in our household:

All-Purpose Surface Spray
Since we met, this little baby and I have been joint at the hip! Simply combine 2 cups of water, 2 tablespoons of vinegar, 1 teaspoon of bi-carb soda, 10 drops of Sweet Orange Essential Oil (or any other citrus Essential Oil you have handy) and put into a clean spray bottle. Shake well and away you go!

Glass Cleaner
For squeaky clean windows mix together 1/3 cup vinegar with 2/3 cup water and put into a spray bottle.

Oven Cleaner
Take one whiff of a traditional oven cleaner, and if you're still conscious, it's pretty obvious that it does you no good! For a non-toxic version, sprinkle bi-carb soda on the greasy spots in your oven, spray with vinegar and wipe. Too easy!

What do you use to clean your place? Any green or natural tips you can share?


  1. Pretty much everything you use... bicarb soda, vinegar, lemon...for all those kitchen cleaning duties.

    A few years ago I developed a reaction to chemicals in body products [which led to me creating my own range of skincare]. I studied cosmetic chemistry but this also led me to question all products and the chemicals in them.

    I also use bicarb soda to clean the fridge. And instead of the dishwasher cleaners, use a cup of bicarb soda. [GOD I LOVE bicarb soda!!]
    ...also sink drains... bicarb soda mixed with water to create a viscous mix, followed by boiling water.

    Also in the laundry... for whites, particularly [1000 count] white sheets, I add bicarb soda to the wash. To remove the yellowing on white sheets caused by body oils, soak in hot water mixed with bicarb soda.

    For clothing stains, I apply a bicarb soda paste.

    Descale the kettle with vinegar.

    Scrub out stains on dishes, surfaces, etc with bicarb soda sprinkled on half a lemon.

    Bicarb soda and vinegar mixed for carpet stains.

    Oh gosh I could go on!!

    Oh and I use a mix of bicarb soda and Celtic sea salt as a teeth and gum cleanser and whitener. I have naturally whitened teeth and no fillings. (Have used this mix since I was a child but with ordinary salt before)
    The salt keeps gums healthy plus the body absorbs this sea salt, which is a magic mineral and the only salt that should be ingested.

  2. I love these tips. Right. Off to buy some bicarb soda and vinegar!

  3. brilliant. i agree about not wanting all those harmful chemicals around.
    i'm don't really have any helpful hints i'm afraid. My mum was a bit of a fiend with the household chemicals which is perhaps why i'm moving in the opposite direction.

    Thanks for the tips!

  4. Great tips hun, thanks.

    I can't wait to move into the house and have a proper cleaning cupboard.

    My Mum is a SLAVE for Domestos. I loathe the stuff though, so toxic!!!

  5. yep, i make and use all my own household cleaning products, and you have definitely listed the staples here. a big box of bi-carb will never ever go wasted! i have just started experimenting with my own washing powders, they one i am currently giving a go contains:
    2 bars of grated finely pure soap (i am using Velvet soap, found in the laundry aisle).
    2 cups of bi-carb soda
    2 cups of washing soda (the powder not crystals)
    a few drops of peppermint essential oil and lavender oil (optional/purely to add a gentle scent).
    * this recipe is to fill a large jar or box, and will last many washes..just use a recycled standard sized laundry scoop to measure it into your washing machine.

    ..so far so good, though for tough stains you best make a paste of bicarb and lemon juice and rub into the mark before washing.

    THIS RECEPE CAN BE USED IN THE DISHWASHER TOO! (minus the essential oils)

  6. I just find that nothing works as well as Jiff (or maybe my house is just really dirty) :(

    She Wore It Well Blog

  7. Just blogged about this last week!

    Add a cute label and it's instantly 10x more fun to use!

  8. On a slightly related topic - I've recently started washing my face with water and dissolved aspirin. It anti-inflammatory and the grit is a bit exfoliating. It's been great for my skin and I feel like it's not as "chemically" as other skin products.


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