Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Stuck On You

Tapeworks by Mark Khaisman

One of the things that astounds me most about motherhood, is how competitive it is. It begins with who had the closest near-death-experience during labour and continues at an exhausting and relentless race past each developmental milestone.

It's taken me awhile to stop being rocked by the comparison game. Now, Alfie and I just try and run our own race.

Take for example, his current number one project which involves sorting out the bottom kitchen drawer, with particular attention to the rolls of sticky tape that have multiplied when we weren't looking. I'm sure there are many gifted and talented 12 month-olds who can use a layers of packing tape to whip up pieces like these by Mark Khaisman, but Alfie and I are just as excited about the fact that he can now climb up and down the stair to the sunroom with said tape in hand!

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  1. Ahh the kitchen bottom draw being unpacked... Too cute. My "boy cyclone" loves draws!

  2. oh honestly, I am having a hell of a day and that's just as an aunty/part time carer! everything is a battle today - eating, drinking, sleeping...and I don't understand why I'm losing my temper, it doesn't help the situation! So anyway - I think THE WORLD of you mums. I don't know how you manage it, let alone with the added pressure of competition!


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