Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jump To It


Professor J. Robert Oppenheimer

Eva Marie Saint

Audrey Hepburn

Dick Clark

Grace Kelly

Richard Nixon

Duke & Duchess of Windsor

Jumpology by Philippe Halsman

Jump for joy! It's hump-day which means I don't have to do my mad dash to work and instead I can slip back into bed with Alfie and plan a day of special projects...our whole house smells of the heady scent of hyacinth...and joy of all joys, I just came across photographer and jumping genius, Philippe Halsman.

Halsman was a photographer during the 50's who ended all his portrait sessions by asking the sitter to jump. Thankfully everyone from Richard Nixon to Dali and Audrey Hepburn said 'How high?' because the resulting series is one of mischief and glee. It is also a disarming look at some of the most famous names of Halsman's time.

What are you jumping for joy about today?

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  1. Wow! Those photos are so great! I'm so impressed the photographer got all his models to actually jump, and most of them seem to be enjoying it, too.

    Have I jumped today? Don't think so, but I came pretty close when I was planting new beautiful spring flowers on my terrace. At least I felt very happy and relaxed by doing so.

  2. I love these shots and jumping for joy certainly sounds like a good idea - even if for no reason!

    You have a very sweet blog :)

  3. I will jump for joy in a few minutes when my husband returns from a conference in Melbourne! He's been away since Monday. Not long...but long enough.

    These are wonderful photos!

    Thank you for the lovely comment you left on my blog.xx

  4. You can tell so much about the character by looking at how they jump! These are awesome.

  5. I agree with two tuesdays these pictures seem really intimate, it's almost as you would get to really know something about the photographed person. professor oppenheimer seems like an interesting person, someone who would be interesting to hang out with and have a conversation or two!

    p.s. even nixon seems okay.

  6. Nixon in particular appears to be levitating...

  7. I love the mix you chose. So cute!

  8. Shit, the Duchess and Duke looked like the Rosenbergs to my uneducated eye...


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