Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Run Forest, Run!

Images: Pom Love

Pom Love

I'm almost too scared to say it out loud because then it means I really have to do it! But, here goes...I've decided to have a shot at the Mother's Day Classic.

I know it's hardly a marathon, but considering I've only just got back into running, this measly 8km seems near impossible. In fact, the only thing that is likely to get me over the line, is a cheer squad shake-shake-shaking these pretty-as-a-picture pom poms. That way there will be a suitable decoy from my fire engine red face, which usually forces me to run under the cover of darkness to avoid soul crushing embarrassment!

From US $5; available online from Pom Love's Etsy Store. Plus, Pom Love is having an online sale. So it's definitely worth your while to click on over!


  1. those pom poms are so gorgeous. but truth be told, absolutely nothing would get past the finishing line, let alone starting line of a marathon. i struggle to run 50m. good luck!

  2. Good on you! That's awesome, I'll be cheering you on from Sydney. Will you be training around the Botanical Gardens in preparation – I used to love that hill!

  3. Very brave (I could probably just about manage 1km), but also a great inspiration to keep up the running regime. Good luck!

  4. hmm a measly 8km... hey, i would consider this a marathon. im lucky to make it around the block ok who am i kidding, im lucky to make it to the end of the street ; ) well done. i'll be cheering you on x


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