Friday, April 16, 2010

George Costanza Moments

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Chewed by Tuesday

My boy is always having George Costanza moments. Take the time he stood on a toothpick and needed a general anesthetic to remove it from his big toe. Or the occasion he ended up in hospital because because he had the end of a pen stuck in his ear - don't ask what it was doing there in the first place!

If my boy was inclined to a bit of jewellery, Chewed by Tuesday would be perfect for him. Founded in Melbourne by designer Vivienne Gibson, Chewed by Tuesday is based on random items that people chew, but aren't mean to! Her first collection pays homage to the forgotten favourite, the BIC penlid.

I can't wait to see what her follow up collection will be. If Gibson needs any ideas I have just the person for her to speak to. George Costanza moments are perfect for inspiration that verges on the ridiculous!

Available online from Chewed by Tuesday.


  1. I'm a girl after your son's heart... when I was 6 I stepped on a cocktail toothpick (the really big ones) at a party and it went in so far you couldn't tell there was anything left. I kept complaining to my parents (for weeks) until they believed me that there was somthing still there. In the end a 3cm toothpick came out! Gross. I was also fond of stick things (balls, food etc) up my nose.

  2. He sounds like the kind of guy who would get chilli in his eyes...

  3. Believe it or not, these things have happened to my partner...yes a grown man!

    Lars - You got it in one! Recently he got chilli in his eye...but that's a whole other story!

  4. Serenity now! (Remember that Seinfeld episode?)


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