Thursday, February 25, 2010

Leggings Are Not Pants

Images: maSh

MaSh Leggings

It's not often I admit I'm wrong - so make the most of this moment! You've see, I've always been an ardent campaigner that leggings are not pants.

Having seen these killer leggings from maSh though, I'd like to retract that comment. Taking inspiration from an eclectic mash up that includes the music of M.I.A., salsa clubs in Harlem, Russian cigarettes and installation art from Iceland, these leggings are a second skin for city life.

Somewhat outrageous, but never ridiculous, these leggings are an outfit in themselves. Top optional!

US $60; available online here.

1 comment:

  1. haha awesome leggings these are!
    i saw someone getting off a tram this morning with holey patterned tights, top shorter than crotch, oh yeah and those white nickers she was wearing for the world to see - i hope they were clean. i kid you not. i was puzzled. these werent leggings, they had holes in them. patterned. holey. tights. what the?!! made me wonder, sure she was young and hot but seriously did her skirt fall off on that tram....


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