Friday, February 26, 2010

The Daytime Adventurers

Tiger & Peacock

My mum and I are ridiculously close. One of the most delightfully unexpected things about becoming a mumma myself, has been the daytime adventures we go on with the rug rat. Seeking out the perfect piece of lemon tart here, or a little shop there, it always feels a bit naughty (like we're skipping school!) when we do something so delicious together.

On one of our latest adventures, we went to Fitzroy North to find Tiger & Peacock. I'd read about this small emporium with its vision to inspire through a collections of homewares, furnishings, antiques and jewellery and wanted a piece of it!

Heading to an area that we don't spend much time in, and a shop I had never visited before, made that morning feel like we were on holiday. I guess in a funny we were on holiday from the familiar. And it's these moments of discovering something new with mum by my side that I treasure and adore.

Happy Friday to you, and whatever adventures come your way!

* This photo was taken at a cousin's wedding, only 2 weeks after I had junior. I think I look tired and shell shocked, but mum looks so gentle and beautiful - as she always does!


  1. What a stunning photo, I just love it.

  2. oh you are both so beautiful! now i know where you get your gorgeous eyes. sounds like spesh times you two have been having xx

  3. oh, thank you for both of your beautiful comments - they have have made my day!

  4. Thankyou so much for your lovely comments on my blog! So appreciated!
    Re. this post - I know justwhat you mean by those lovely times where you get to hang out with your mum and little one - it does feel like skipping school in the best way possible. those days are such a gift (both mine are at school now :(.
    PS Couldn't agree more about the Jennifer Hawkins Marie Claire cover - how ludicrous!

  5. Beautiful photograph! You can tell you're close... x


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