Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Old Book: New Life

Images: Su Blackwell

Book Cut Sculptures by Su Blackwell

The librarian at my primary school continues to haunt me. In fact, to this day I still can't bring myself to dog-ear a favourite page of a book. So I can only image what would happen if she came across Su Blackwell's beautifully delicate paper sculptures.

Created from old books that she finds in secondhand shops, Su spends months carefully slicing and dissecting each tome to create an intricate paper sculpture. Her inspiration is taken from the book's title or a picture or paragraph from within.

While my old librarian's hairy moles might quiver with rage as she casts her eye over Su's work, I say it's turning paper into poetry.


  1. OMG they are beautiful. The detail and skill to create something like this is amazing. Love it!

    Love your blog. Please come and visit me over at

  2. it is really unbelievable how can something like that be even created, love it! :))


  3. Hi! your blog is pretty.
    and that post here..oh i can't believe people do this. great:)


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