Monday, January 10, 2011

These Are The Days

Well, hello there! After the most delicious of interludes I'm back...

The boys and I filled our days with:
  • Nectarines and plums.
  • A few blissful days at the farm for table tennis tournaments in the shearing shed, pavlova and swinging in the hammock on the veranda.
  • Devouring Portia de Rossi's candid book, The Unbearable Lightness.
  • Mornings spent splashing at the beach or losing ourselves in the magic of the Children's Garden.
  • Being reminded that all that glitters isn't gold, after a bitterly disappointing meal at The Newmarket.
  • Discovering new finds - like Capocchi - to add to our roll call of stores that deliver the unexpected and eclectic as we embark on the mother of all renovations!
  • Dancing to this.
So, what have you been up to? Did you manage to have a break and a moment to regroup? Did you go away or just indulge in the sweetness of doing nothing?


  1. Welcome back!

    Love the new Cut Copy song. New album should be good!

    We took 6 days off from renovating and went to the family beach house on the north coast of NSW. I watched cricket, ate too much, and slept... It was lovely but too short!

  2. ooo i want to read portia's book! glad you had a good trip! xoxo jcd

  3. Ahh I wish I were at the beach right now. Looks so peaceful!

    Yes I was able to take a week from work thanks to my job!! I was able to just relax at home.


  4. Ooh, glad you're enjoying The Unbearable Lightness, I bought the Kindle edition with the Amazon voucher I got for xmas, not read it yet though.


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