Wednesday, January 19, 2011

365 Self Portraits by Alex Stoddard

I can never get enough of the absurd and downright usual. Which is why Alex Stoddard's photographs made me stop in my tracks.

His recent 365 day project where Alex took a self portrait every day day for a year, is an example of pure, boundless creativity and breathtaking composition. And at only 17 years of age, Alex is definitely one to watch.

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  1. They're quite creative shots for a 17 year old. He'll do really well. I like the one with the red ball of wool :)

  2. Amazing! I'm not sure where you find all these people but I love coming to your blog and discovering people I want to know more about.

  3. I always wonder about people who are so young and obviously FEEL so much, like Van Gogh, I think to see the world the way that they do would be exhilarating and exhausting at the same time.

  4. these are awesome! to be able to come up with 365 different that's creative!

  5. wow amazing and only 17! i love the red wool image especially. off to check out more soon : )


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