Friday, January 28, 2011

Five Alive Friday

While I might be no good with numbers, I am good with time wasting arithmetic that will get you a little bit closer to 5pm and the weekend!
  1. Soap + flakes = genius
  2. Diptyque x French artists Kuntzel + Deygas = Valentine's Day perfection
  3. Last night - text messages = hilarious
  4. Sandra Reynolds + budget food blog ÷ dole bludger uproar = the artful bludger
  5. Detroit + urban decay = haunting


  1. I read Sandra Reynolds article the other day online and quietly surprised by the up-roar that this woman's blog/book seems to have inspired.

  2. texts from last night is one of my faves! sooo hilarious x

  3. oh thats last night - text messages is amazing haha!

  4. haha i can be argued that i'm good at math then too!

  5. i just heard about sandra reynolds recently and curious to read more- thanks for the link!


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