Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Are Doritros Being Offensive?

Doritos have just given a sneak peak at two commercials they'll be running during next month's Super Bowl. Both ads have a gay-theme and are bound to stir up debate regarding whether they are humorous or homophobic.

What do you think? Are we all getting a bit too precious? Or are commercials like this offensive in their judgemental tone and reinforcement of negative stereotypes?

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  1. Neither ad really did anything for me, though I didn't find them to be offensive. I'm just curious as to why Doritos chose this concept in the first place--I feel like they could have done so much better, especially for the Super Bowl!

  2. They made me laugh too. I think they'll cause quite the stir in the US, and will also give some people just the excuse they're looking for to complain.


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