Monday, May 3, 2010

Personal Space

Touching Strangers

What are you like with personal space? Do you find a peak hour train never-too-close-for-comfort? Or are you more the type that would baulk at a Richard Renaldi photograph?

For each of his images, Renaldi asks two or more strangers to pose while touching each other. The resulting series is fascinating because it captures both personal space types. Some people look so comfortable that if you didn't know better, you would swear they are soul mates. While for others their discomfort is palpable.

"Touching Strangers encourages viewers to think about how we relate physically to one another, and to entertain the possibility that there is unlimited potential for new relationships with almost everybody passing by,” says Renaldi.

More images from this series are over here.


  1. What a great series, when I looked at the photos the first time I was trying to work out the relationships between the people - friends, family, lovers? But some of them just looked so awkward, funny to think that they are actually strangers.

  2. i love these shots!!!!


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