Monday, May 24, 2010

The Happiness Resolution

Although my parents have had the farm for eight years, this weekend was the first time the whole family has been there at once. Travel and living away from Melbourne has meant that the stars have never aligned and enabled us to share time together in a place that we all adore.

We cooked, laughed, drank, sat in the watery winter sun and fell asleep in the wingback chairs by the fire. Then we cooked some more.

When we came back home, I felt brand new. I realised that in recent months, my heart often feels like it could pound right out of my chest. I always seem to be racing around from one thing to the next. I feel like I need to keep all these balls in the air, but when it comes down to it, I'm the only one creating and putting myself under pressure.

So, today I made a May resolution - to carry the quiet stillness that a precious 24 hours away gave me. To consciously luxuriate in the moment. To simply be.

This is one resolution I'll be keeping.


  1. Sounds like a magical weekend. I love weekend with my family, which happen extremely infrequently now that I'm living overseas. Enjoy! Taking a moment, or two to just "be" can be so rewarding.

  2. good on you. that's a fantastic resolution. i feel the same. every time i visit my family in the country everything slows down and i don't want to catch up to the fast pace once i return.

  3. Great resolution to keep. Think I'll join in


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