Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Cut Above the Rest

Images: Koi Koi Koi

Leather Etched Artwork by Mark Evans

Although I like to think I'm a creative person, I'm much better with the vision than the execution. My first indication this was the case was in my Grade 4 art class and the shambolic Linocut I produced.

Lucky for me, Mark Evans wasn't in my class because he truly is a dab hand with a scalpel. Mark creates hand-etched artwork using knives as his 'paintbrushes' and leather hide as his 'canvas'. Each bespoke piece is impressively detailed and life-like...although not that impressive if you're a vegetarian, I guess!

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  1. Just when I was marvelling at the fascinating shade of these pictures I read 'leather'. Truly impressive!

  2. omg truly amazing! i think im in love with these genius hands!!


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