Thursday, November 26, 2009

Pencil It In

Coloured Pencil Jewellery

Circa 1988 and the highlight of my day was using the electric sharpener that was bolted to our teacher's desk to whittle my HB into a Stuart Little sized pencil. Fast forward twenty years and not much has changed. The highlight of my day is still a pencil stub, but this time around it is Maria Christina Bellucci's coloured pencil broaches and rings that are distracting me. I'd love to see what Maria Christina could do with the only heirloom our family has - my mum's prized set of Derwents!


  1. You uncover the coolest things. Every year I ask for Derwents and every year I am pretty sure my family think I am kidding.

  2. Oh shucks! Thanks for your comment Katie - you've made my day! I'm glad someone else gets a kick out of the eclectic mix of things that capture my attention....

  3. I love that! What a cool take on a very boring essential.


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