Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Place and Yours

Through the Front Door

After spotting this, I thought I'd give Meet Me at Mikes' My place & Yours theme, Through the Front Door, a shot.

In the few seconds it takes me to walk up the front path to our joyful front door, everything falls away and I immediately feel peace.

After moving nine times in the last ten years, this finally feels like home. This is my soft place to fall. The place we became a family. And the place that I hung the coat rack up a few millimetres off centre. Since it's the first thing you see as you come in the front door, it always makes me think of my boy. He has spirit level eyes, and pointed out my botched handy(wo)man attempt within a nanosecond of seeing it for the first time. I still haven't lived it down!

Ah. Home again.


  1. fantastic - I love a yellow door!

  2. beautiful! i love what you have written. and im in LOVE with your yellow doors - how happy are they, together they are smiling ; ) hehe
    mah whats a few millimeters, your boy is tough ; )

  3. i love your gorgeous canary yellow doors! such a fantastic colour to come home to. what building type is this? an old small theatre? shop? warehouse? so intriguing!

    i love the eames coat rack too.. i'm thinking of buying one in the future & hanging it quite low to the floor for my daughter to be able to reach as her special place to put her coat and shoes.. especially in the future when she comes home from kinder :)

  4. my, what a wonderful imagination you have captain! our house is actually an art deco building...not quite as exotic as an old small theatre but it certainly has lots of personality..

    ps: the eames coat rack def gets my vote. if happiness were a coat rack - this would be it!


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