Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I Love You

The Love Letter Project

I'm the opposite to a hoarder. In fact, I often throw things away with gay abandon only to regret it later on. But the one thing I do meticulously collect are letters from my boy. I write the date on them (I know, I little OCD!) and put them in a blue box under the day bed.

While I'd love a grand gesture of the Stephen Powers scale, I'm not so sure it would fit in my blue box. With a team of painters, Stephen has been completing 50 love letter murals on the streets and rooftops of Philadelphia.

I can just imagine it now. All the sly dogs of Philly, taking their girl in their arms and saying, 'Hey baby - look what I wrote for you!' Or is that just what the sneaky one I know would do?!


  1. the first one is a winner for me!
    Thanks for the share!!


    Lady Sunflower


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