Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hang On Every Word...

We Make Words

What? How long has this been going on for?! I usually fancy myself as a finger-on-the-pulse kind of gal, but am I the last one on the block to discover Amy and Luci's superb project - We Make Words?

This clever duo are from Melbourne. They like words and like arranging objects - and lucky for us, they also like taking photos. So simple. So satisfying. Except for 'Nice' which makes me think of a big mouthful of the worlds least appealing biscuit...wafers!

A few of their photographs are available as prints from here.


  1. oh yes arent they both fabulous! clever girls indeed. i especially love Luci's poster designs. and i once bought a beautiful brooch off amy and sadly put it through the wash - it didnt fair so well : (

  2. You're too good Evie - I knew you'd be old friends with their work!!


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