Monday, February 7, 2011

Your Opinion for Free Product!

One of the perks of this wee blog is that I am occasionally sent product to trial and review. I'm always upfront and say that I'll only ever write about something that I believe in and am totally smitten about - so sometimes these products make it onto Checks and Spots and sometimes they don't.

Over the weekend I was thinking that I should get you in on the action. I'd love you to test some of these products and share your opinion on Checks and Spots.

So, who wants to get the ball rolling and be a guest reviewer for a new salon-quality range of hair products that aren't yet instore? I'll trial one of the products, but I'd also love to hear from two more people. Specifically:
  • someone with fine hair
  • someone who needs a bit of extra shine
Just leave a comment below and tell me which product you'd like to review. First in, best dressed...or should I tressed!

Note: Offer only available to Australian readers. Sorry!


  1. i have fine hair and more than happy to do a trial!

  2. Super! Thanks Sarah...I've just emailed you so that I can get your postal address...

    One to go!

  3. i have very bleached hair so some extra help with shine is always needed

  4. No problems Nina! Can you just email me your postal address and I'll pop your product in the mail...

    clare [at] checksandspots [dot] com

  5. My hair is really fine, espically after having two children, I would love to try something new.. Naz

  6. I would love to but I don't have fine hair or any of the above. :/
    This sounds like a really good idea though.


  7. Sadly not an Australian reader! I have always been wondering how to put out the vibes that I would be willing to do reviews of products (if I end up liking them) what is your secret to getting sent stuff?

  8. Nina - it would be wonderful if you could email me your postal address by the end of today, otherwise I will unfortunately have to give this opportunity to someone else...

  9. Evie - Unfortunately there's no winning formula! I've never actively pursued brands or products to review. I've just always written about things that I believe in and am passionate about...maybe people occasionally send me things to review because they know I'll be genuine and honest?!


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